I have been fishing since I was four years old.  I’ve fished with a lot of professional people throughout the years, and I’m so glad to have finally found Captain Johnny on the Subdivider.  I’ve never seen anyone with the passion to pursue these giants like Captain Johnny.  He far exceeded my expectations in a most professional and respectful way.  I now fish with Captain Johnny several times a season, and can’t wait for this year!  I now have a life-long friend, and a fellow fisherman.  Thanks Captain Johnny! – John, New Hampshire

If you like to fish (or if you don’t know if you like to fish or not) and catching a giant Blue Fin Tuna is a dream of yours or on your bucket list you should call Captain Johnny at the Gloucester Charter connection, 256-486-6094. Captain Johnny goes up, above and beyond to make sure this clients have a wonderful and memorial trip but also works very hard to catch a giant for your trip to be the best trip ever.

The first time I went fishing with Captain Johnny we caught our bait and other fish on the way to the spot where he likes to fish about 1 hour out. We caught an 856 lb. Blue Fin Tuna. WOW!!!! It was so exciting everyone’s adrenaline was out the roof! It took us 3 hours and 5 minutes to bring that monster in. The boat is approximately 25 tons and that fish dragged our boat 6 miles before we landed him and got him in the boat. I wish I could express in words just how exciting catching one of those big huge fish really is!

The next year when I went fishing with Captain Johnny we caught another Giant Blue Fin the first day that weighed over 800 pounds. It is definitely fun and exciting to fish with Captain Johnny. When you call him, I am sure you will not be disappointed! I want to thank the Gloucester Charter connection for all the arrangements made for me to have an easy and pleasurable trip. I WILL BE BACK!!! – June H., Alabama

Fall 2016

My wife and my boys ages 11 and 13 were driving up to Maine from Western North Carolina for our family vacation, and my boys really wanted to go see where the show “Wicked Tuna” was filmed. So we went to the marina and walked around. I decided that I would see if I could get a charter out to try to a tuna, so I asked around at the marina, and everyone told me to talk to Johnny Johnson across the street at the Gloucester Charter Connection.

The lady in the office called Johnny, who said he would come in and talk to us. He came in and we were so happy because he could understand us; he was raised in Northern Alabama.

We were able to get a charter for the next day, but we had to be up at 3:00 am. That was no problem. The boys were really excited.

We were not out to sea too long when we hooked to a tuna, and it wasn’t long before we realized that it was a big ole boy. It was 3 hours and 45 minutes of intensity. Everyone was so excited. The fish was estimated to weigh around 1000 lbs. The excitement really escalated when we got the tuna to the boat and could see how huge it was. Our kids got to live out the Wicked Tuna experience in real life, and they tell everyone. It is a wonderful memory, well worth the cost of the charter.

We enjoyed ourselves so much on the trip and the area of Gloucester that we decided to take another trip the following Labor Day. We’ve been out with Johnny Johnson twice now (the whole family) and plan to go again. Tuna fishing is definitely addictive, but I am glad my kids are hooked on fishing and not something else. My youngest boy, Woody, even wants to go intern for Johnny when he gets a little older because he wants to be a fishing boat captain too.

The boat and crew are family friendly and nice too; it has top of the line fishing equipment. My wife was comfortable and had a great time too. She caught some amazing sunrise and sunset photos and watched whales come up right next to the boat all day.

Both experiences were memories that we will all cherish as a family, and we hope to make even more. Not only have we made memories, we made friends. Thanks Captain Johnny for a great time all around. – Brian, Holly, Jackson and Woody C., North Carolina

One of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had was catching this 850 pound giant bluefin tuna with Captain Johnny! After fighting the fish for over two and a half hours, we finally saw the monster come circling up. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Captain Johnny and his crew knew exactly what they were doing, as he came down off the bridge and harpooned the giant, and within minutes we had a tail rope on him. I had seen it on TV, but nothing compares to the pure joy I experienced that day! Captain Johnny has treated me like family, and I’m so grateful to have found him and the Subdivider. I will be fishing with him for the rest of my life. – Jack, Florida

After fishing with Gloucester Charter Connection several times and Captain Johnny Johnson, we have now become great friends. Learning how to Tuna Fish is a great experience and if you want to learn Johhny is the one to do it with. You will always have a great time, lots of laughter and you will certainly smile when you hook “the big one.”- Michael H., Vermont

Dear Cap.

I wanted to personally thank you for our adventure in October. As you know, I am an avid fisherman who travels the country for the excitement of the next big catch. Anything from Goliath grouper in the gulf to Marlin in the Atlantic. I can honestly say, I have never had such amazing, thrill seeking insanely intense two hours and 4 min in my life. If you will remember that’s how long it took us to pull the monster in. It took me two years and several other charters who couldn’t get the job done, so i just wanted to let you know I’m thankful to have you as my captain that day. I would come deck hand for you any day. – Jason S., Florida

If you’re looking to have a successful Tuna Fishing experience, Capt. Johnny on the Subdivider is your guy. This last year, I joined Capt. Johnny on two different trips. We had the pleasure of seeing dozens of whales, landing lots of fish and winning the battle with a Monster 800 lb 104” Tuna. It’s hard to describe the experience, but it took us over two hours to land the fish and it wouldn’t have happened without a true professional like Capt. Johnny. My tuna trips were lots of fun, safe and considered trips of a lifetime. After the day was almost done, we stopped by the marina to cook up some of our daily catch. Completely Awesome! and can’t wait for next season. – Dean K., Wisconsin

My day on the water with the Gloucester Charter Connection was incredible! We were on the water early and left the dock quickly. Captain Jonny and the crew had all the rigs prepped and ready by the time we reached our first spot. It wasn’t long before we had a massive blue back slob screaming our Line out. Fighting that Goliath to the boat was the greatest angling experience of my Life.

Unfortunately that one got away, but Captain Johnny’s knowledge of the area and patience hooked us up with another monster- that one we stuck. The feeling of reeling in that tuna and pulling him on board was unlike any I’ve ever had! What am amazing Day! – Nate

Hi Captain John

Here is the testimonial Jack wrote regarding his great fishing trip with you last fall:

Fishing with Captain Johnny was an experience I will never forget. From the time the sun came up until we headed back to shore, it was action packed! When we saw whales and sharks feeding on the bait fish, Captain Johnny said, “The tuna will show up…. All the conditions are right for them!”

The tuna showed up and the ACTION was on! Captain Johnny knows “his stuff about tuna”! (With me being a Missouri deer hunter, he compared it to being in a corn field with “hot does” waiting for a “big buck”.) BAM! – The fight was on with a 700 pound tuna!

For a trip of a lifetime, go fishing with Captain Johnny and his crew. You will never forget it. I know I won’t! – Jack Martellaro
Chamois, Missouri

Do not miss fishing with Captain Johnny Johnson for Bluefin Tuna out of Gloucester Massachusetts. He is found on the Internet under Gloucester Charter Connection. We had a wonderful trip with many fish caught. I run a striper guide service on Lake Texoma in OK and I know a great guide when I fish with him. It is one of the best guided fishing trips I have ever had! Going back in Oct. – John Pryor

Had a ball fishing with Captain Johnny. He took up a lot of time with our boys (12 and 14 yrs old.) We went to several different spots and each time he put us right on the fish. On our 3 week road trip to the northeast, this was the favorite of our boys. Thanks for helping build memories!!- Lanier Greenhaw