Groundfishing Charters in Gloucester

Capt. Kevin Granfield might just have salt water in his veins, not blood. He’s an PRO fisherman and knows how to find and how to catch fish.

His boat, the Whistler, is part of the Gloucester Charter Connection.

Groundfishing season opened April 15th and he’s already catching fish – a lot of them. Actually, he “limited out.” That means some fish had to go back. Caught on this trip were haddock, redfish, cusk, and cod.

Here below are some of the pictures from this a groundfishing charter this past week.

For more information about booking the Whistler and fishing with Captain Kevin drop us a line. We’ll not only hook you up with fish, but if you need accommodations and other things to do during your visit to Gloucester we have you covered!


Located about 30 miles north of Boston, Gloucester Charter Connection is steps away from the Cape Ann Marina, home to most of the vessels in our fleet. A short walk down Essex Avenue will land you on Stacey Boulevard and one of the most panoramic views of Gloucester Harbor. You will also catch a glimpse of the world famous “Man at the Wheel” statue that proudly stands, facing the sea, waiting to greet the fisherman of Gloucester as they return.  Gloucester, founded in 1623, was the first settlement in Massachusetts Bay Colony by the Dorchester Company, the first fishing expedition sent from England. Gloucester has been supplying the world with fish ever since.

Book a charter now with the Gloucester Charter Connection and be assured that a lifetime of memories and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment will be part of the package. The bonding experience you will enjoy as you share this adventure with friends, family members or colleagues is just a BONUS. Let it be understood that your trip’s safety and success is our foremost focus. Your success is our success.