Fishing Charters & Private Charters

Giant Bluefin Tuna Charters

Gloucester Charter Connection is your one-stop place to book the best Giant Bluefin Tuna Charters. Gloucester is the Bluefin Tuna Capital of the World and the oldest seaport in the United States. Last season Gloucester Charter Connection boats landed over 200 bluefin tuna!

Groundfishing Charters: Haddock, Giant Pollock, Codfish

Gloucester Charter Connection is the best place to book a Ground Fishing Charter Adventure! Full and half day fishing charters are available to get your fill of Haddock, Giant Pollock and Striped Bass (Stripers).

Bluefish & Striped Bass (“Stripers”)

If you’ve ever hooked up on a bluefish or striped bass you’ve probably wondered “What is on the other end of this line?” Both “Blues” and “Stripers” fight hard and they’ll wear you out! Land one of these fighters and our crew will fillet it for you right on deck and pack the fillets in ice for your next outdoor grill.

Shark Fishing Charters

Shark fishing is great off of the coast of Cape Ann from June through September. There’s nothing like hooking up to a Mako, Thresher, or large Blue Shark.

Coastal Tours, Lighthouse Tours & Private Excursions

We also offer Sunset Cruises, trips up the Annisquam River, “Around the Cape” tours, Gloucester Harbor tours, Private Whale Watching, beach anchoring, and anything else you can think of! In addition to the abundance of phenomenal companies in Gloucester who provide all of the above, we are sometimes asked about a more private experience. Call us and we will work to put you on a private boat with a knowledgeable and fun Captain to create a custom tour.

Catch & Cook

Our Combo Charter is unique to the Gloucester Charter Connection. These charters typically take place in June and early July when the Bluefin Tuna are just starting to run.

We spend a day on the water ground fishing for Haddock, Giant Pollack, Stripers and other fish in season.

At the same time we drop a few tuna rods and chum to entice the tuna to the vibrant fishing grounds we will be on.

On the way in through Gloucester Harbor we will pull lobster traps and end the day with a $10/head “Catch and Cook” meal at Cape Ann Marina.

Of course, if you are dog tired after this full day you can just head home with a huge cooler full of fish!

“If you want to have a great time fishing I’d highly recommend the Gloucester Charter Connection. We had never been on a fishing charter before and really didn’t know what to expect. Capt. Johnny is a great guy and great captain. We started catching fish within 5 minutes of putting our rods in the water! What an unbelievable day. Thanks for everything Johnny!”  K.M. – Albany, NY