Ok fellow fishermen. By now most of you know the drill. The Wicked Tuna show has been the most watched show on the National Geographic channel for seven seasons now.

It’s great for the city and the fishery, but as a result we are booking MUCH EARLIER each season.

Gloucester is truly a beautiful town but it is small and accommodations are already tight.

Many families visit here during the summer and that puts a lot of pressure on an already small supply of hotel rooms and accomodations.

As many of you know, the boat is docked at the CAPE ANN MARINA RESORT and the rooms book up early there!

This put me in a difficult situation. I have been blessed to be booked 100% for the last three seasons. I am currently booked 80-90% already and on track to be 100% booked for 2019.

I feel a sense of loyalty to my friends, my customer base, the folks that I’ve fished with in the past, and I have become good friends with so many, and in some cases friends for life. I’m not trying to up sell any body, I simply want you folks to know what’s happening.

If you are planning a trip this year with me, PLEASE ACT SOON so that you can get the best dates and best accommodations available.

Just drop me a line using this ONLINE INQUIRY FORM and I’ll follow-up with you promptly.

You can also call us at (978) 515-7739.

Most of you already know that I don’t care about a big deposit (website asks for 50%), but I do need to know that you’re coming.

So I’ve decided to post this to our blog and make you guys aware of the situation. Because I have been fortunate to meet so many great fellow fishermen, the Subdivider cannot fill all the charter requests we receive throughout the season.  With that in mind, we have added Captain Kevin Granfield, who many of you know from fishing on the Subdivider, but he now has the old Pin Wheel from Wicked Tuna, and renamed it the Whistler. Kevin is a real pro and lead the bluefin tuna fishing fleet in Gloucester for over two months last year in number of giant bluefin tuna landed. He’s a great guy and a true professional.

Many of you remember “Stan the Man,” probably the best deckhand in New England. He is now fishing on the Kelly Ann, which was on the Wicked Tuna television show with Paul Hebert. Everyone loves Stan and he has teamed up with a great fisherman and a good friend of mine Captain Mauro Dibacco, another true professional. The Kelly Ann placed second in the Bluefin Blowout last year and the Kelly Ann is expected to land multiple fish daily this year.

Both of these Captains, Captain Kevin and Captain Mauro are what I call “High-Catch” fishing professionals. They are the best of the best!

I can always get you on the right boat, but if you want to fish on the Subdivider, don’t wait until all the days are booked.

As always, we’ll be glad to help you with your accommodations and schedule you for the fish and lobster feast at the Captain’s Table at the Cape Ann Marina Mile Marker restaurant.

Thanks for understanding.

Tight lines, Captain Johnny