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VIP Ground Fishing Charters – for single or couples

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Are you a single or couple looking to be part of a VIP ground fishing charter trip out of Gloucester? We are booking now.  Each trip will have five to six fun fish anglers to share costs, laughs and fill your freezers! We have dates starting in late April through June that we are booking right now. We will also be booking ground and combo trips for July and August. If you are a Tuna angler then get on our list for VIP Tuna charter dates from late July through November. If you are interested please call or email us. We want you on our VIP Ground Fishing Charter list so each time we have a VIP trip coming up we will see if you can join us! Learn more….

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Join a few other VIP customers to fill your freezer this spring and summer through Gloucester Charter Connection

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Another Great day of Ground Fishing. If you don’t catch your quota – you don’t pay.

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Whether you are a family of 6 or just 1 or 2 people we have ground fishing charters ready starting April on!

Fill Your Freezer!

 We are booking NOW for the 2017 Ground Fishing Season

Full and half day charters to get your fill of Haddock, Giant Pollock, Stiped Bass and other species in season at the time with our Ground Fishing Charters. Book a Full day charter and we guarantee you will catch your limit – or the charter is on us! What a great way to spend a day on the water with family and friends and fill your freezer at the same time. We filet and bag your catch for you before you leave the boat. And stay with us to enjoy our “Catch and Cook” feast at Mile Marker One, Cape Ann Marina where they cook to order a sample of the day’s catch for only $10 per person. Book Now!

Fishing has been extremely good the last couple of years and we have received a lot of “word of mouth” recognition. We have some great captains but once the spring hits our boats will fill up quickly.

We don’t want to leave anyone out! So call soon for available dates and let’s get you on board.


Fill your freezer with fish!

Fill your Freezer with your family! Bring up to 6 people to help you catch the maximum quota.

Trophy Fish with Gloucester Charter Connection

Set a record catch! Bring home a trophy as well as a freezer full if fresh fish and great stories.

Max out early fishing with Gloucester Charter Connection

Max out early! And on the way home we will filet your fish while you enjoy the rest of the charter day.

Harvesting Lobster Traps with Gloucester Charter Connection

Haven’t had enough? We will check Gloucester Charter Connection’s Lobster Traps on the way in and add to your catch.

Catch and Cook meal at Mile Marker One

Before you leave we invite you to Mile Marker One at Cape Ann Marina to enjoy a prepared sample of your catch along with great sides for only $10/person.

Tuna Fishing Tips and Tricks

How to Avoid Getting Seasick

Becoming unexpectedly ill as a result of seasickness is always a possibility. In one form or other, it is possible for anyone on the trip to feel sick, even on calm waters. It can happen to anyone. If you have a tendency to get seasick or suffer from motion sickness, we strongly recommend you consider a prescription patch for the trip. At a minimum, we recommend that you take over the counter medication like Dramamine, starting the night before your trip. It does little good to start taking these over the counter medications once you are feeling queasy. Be sure you carefully follow the instruction label for taking an over-the-counter medication to ensure sufficient dosage. The dosage is typically calculated for a 150-pound person.

What you eat and drink before and during a trip is crucial to avoiding seasickness. Typically bland, easily digestible food is best. Pass on the predawn bacon, egg and cheese sandwich! Minimize alcohol consumption. Getting sick will definitely ruin your day and can make the trip unpleasant for the other guests; so we urge you to err on the side of caution.

Dock and Departure

Unless otherwise agreed upon, fishing charters depart from Cape Ann Marina, 75 Essex Ave. Gloucester MA. The time for departure is dependent on the type of charter and the time of year. Please confirm your charter departure time and plan to be at the dock at least 15 minutes prior.

What You Should Bring

Food (bagged lunches)
Drinks (soda, water, juice and beer/wine)
Appropriate Clothing
Remember that it is cooler on the water than it is on land, so you may want to bring a sweatshirt or jacket.
Rain gear, waterproof boots or shoes.
If you’re a hearty soul out fishing in the fall or early winter, you’ll want to dress in layers.
Sun visor or a hat to block the powerful rays.

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