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Overnight Bluefin Tuna Charters

Overnight Bluefin Tuna Charters

Typically the rule of thumb when pursuing a giant Bluefin Tuna is, “the more hours on the water, the better the chance to get that BIG fish!” The giant Bluefin Tuna tend to swim further off shore. It takes our fishing charter boats a longer time getting to the “tuna grounds”, thus offering less time for actual fishing. The giant Bluefin Tuna tend to feed at night. To increase the odds of landing that BIG fish, we prefer to stay at the “tuna grounds” for prolonged periods of time. High tides, low tide, current changes, wind direction, dusk and dawn all influence the odds of catching that BIG fish.

For the more serious angler, Gloucester Charter Connection offer both single and multiple overnight excursion options. How long can you hunt tuna? We will test your answer if you are up for it. We are able to fish during the evening/overnight hours in addition to the daylight hours. So if you are up for it…you can get three day’s worth of Tuna Hunting time by booking a two-day charter and requesting the overnight option. The best thing about that is that we do not charge extra for the overnight portion. Woo Hoo…more time to get that Giant Bluefin Tuna on the hook. We have sleeping bunks if you need to catch some sleep while your fishing partner stays on the lookout for ‘reel’ action and we will make sure to wake you up once that rod starts to bend! If you need us to set up some appropriate food for the journey let us know or bring your own. We will certainly be cooking up the fresh catch while on the ocean. Bring your own change of clothes, drink and cell phone to capture your fish. We will take care of the rest.

Come visit Gloucester, Mass to set up your Bluefin Tuna or ground fishing charter!

For more information call 978-515-7739. Create your own Adventure of a Lifetime Story.

(Photos below of sunrises seen on Overnight Bluefin Tuna Hunting Adventures!)

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Sunrise on an Overnight Bluefin Tuna Hunting Adventure.

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