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Gloucester Charter Connection Weekly Fishing Report
Captain Johnny Johnson




As most of you know, the Giant Blue Fin Tuna showed up five weeks late this year, as a result the Giant Blue Fin Tuna Fishing has been spectacular for the past several weeks.They are settled in and feeding heavy.  In the last ten fishing trips the Subdivider has dropped off 14 Giant Blue Fin Tuna.  On two occasions we have had three Giants in one day, on another day two Giant Blue Fin, and literally every day we are getting to watch the rod bend over..  For those folks that were not able to come due to weather or conflict in scheduling or to those folks that simply want to Giant Blue Fin Tuna Fish again, the Subdivider will be fishing through Thanksgiving. As the days roll by the chance of the weather being cooperative becomes less and less. So far the October weather has been fantastic. Although the mornings are a little chilly the days have been very comfortable and pretty close to perfect to chase The Giant Blue Fin Tuna. For whatever reason you haven’t been able to get on the water or would even love to go again, get in touch with us as soon as possible to book your trip.  



Tight Lines, Captain Johnny Johnson
P.S.: Remember when booking with the Gloucester Charter Connection, we can handle all your accommodations from lodging to dining.  Our number is 978-515-7739. Below is a list of our local Premier Sponsors:
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                          Dining                                               Accommodations
                   Causeway                                            Addison Choate Inn
                      Passports                                          Annisquam Village Realty
                Rudder                                               Cape Ann Motor Inn
                                  Studio                                             Cape Ann’s Marina & Resort
                Stones Pub                                        Rockport Inn & Suites
                                                                         Vista Motel & Efficiencies
                                                                       Driftwood at Niles Beach

   Cape Ann Harbor Tours/Steve Douglass      



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